Well, I just want to walk right out of this world, ‘Cause everybody has a poison heart.

As I listen to the BBC’s live streaming and update on the twin attacks in Central Oslo and the Labour Party Youth camp on the island of Utoya, I can’t help but feel so overwhelmed with anger and helplessness.

Yet, as the Norwegian Prime Minister,Jens Stoltenberg, addresses the nation, I am filled with hope and pride for the Norwegian people as well.

“No-one can ever scare us from being Norway.”

– Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian Prime Minsiter.

O how fragile life can be. Doing my very best to not curse and swear at the universe. I’ve never believed in religion, though the verses and tales were always treated with intrigue, but sometimes I wish I did. I need someone to blame, not fate. or luck. or chance.

I guess the only one to blame now is the perpetrator. Which only serves to illustrate that ‘God’ doesn’t really give a shit about life on earth.

If I [was] and alien I would be laughing at humanity now. You idiots blowing each other up.

– Randall Sim, fellow conspiracy theorist and friend.

Which brings me to a link on Reuters that Randall showed me as we sat listening to the BBC coverage on this dark night.

In the face of famine | Photographers.

Click it. Share It. Everyone should know.

Seems like People don’t seem to give a shit about life on earth either.

This compassionate side of me has been re-awakened, rather strangely, by a fangirl, not-unhealthy obsession with David Tennant. In an attempt to watch every programme he was ever on, I found clips on 2009 Red Nose Day and the realisation hit me like Tyson’s right hook.

This world is messed up.

Not only that, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Disasters, both natural and man-made, have left humanity, and myself, shaken. I donated to GlobalGiving on the third day of the Japanese Earthquake.

I didn’t donate to Comic Relief. Why not?

I can’t possibly commit myself to everything, can I?
How do you pick a cause?

I feel guilty. always.

Do I commit myself to a single cause (Malaria in Africa, Civil Conflict in Darfur, Famine, Terrorism, Young carers in developed countries, Dementia awareness, etc.)and maybe live to see viable change in my lifetime?
Or do i spread myself thin, with little commitment to every cause, but being effectively ineffective in the long-run?

These are the kinds of things I think about. Almost everyday.

I’m not trying to get on a pedestal and judge people for not thinking the way I do, honest. But I hate when people say “you can’t do anything about it”  or “oh no that’s so sad. but it’s not my problem”.

It’s one thing to put it out of your mind to retain some semblance of sanity, it’s another to be dismissive.

People frown at us for taking these things too seriously, but doesn’t it concern everyone? I don’t understand how people can live oblivious of everything.

– Randall

The thought crosses my mind sometimes that having critical thought is such a burden on my conscience.

Then i feel guilty because it’s like I’m saying I’m smarter than everyone else.

I just wonder why nobody else feels the same.

It’s coming to 6am and the BBC coverage is repeating itself as investigations go on. I’m leaving for Malaysia in a half hour and have a pile of work left to do, but for today, the victims in Oslo and the youths of Utoya will be on my mind.

Condolences to Norway. hearts and minds with you from Singapore, the world watches appalled.

– Randall. In a tweet to @Henrik21Strand, Norwegian and proud.

I’m doing a course in Mass Communication. I can quite safely say that 80% of my peers don’t KNOW about the tragedies around them, let alone care.

This world is messed up.


* follow @Henrik21Strand on twitter for updates on the situation in Norway.
** Title from lyrics of Poison Heart by Ramones.


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